Below you will find all of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for our products.

Sample Purification Kits

Kit Part No Description
3800 IT 1-2-3™ DNA Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0005 IT 1-2-3 SWIPE Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0503 IT 1-2-3 QFLOW DNA Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0504 IT 1-2-3 QFLOW RNA Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0500 IT 1-2-3 VIBE Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0120 IT 1-2-3 Platinum Path Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0004 IT 1-2-3 FLOW Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0502 IT 1-2-3 SCOOP Sample Purification Kit SDS
ASAY-ASY-0501 RNA Module SDS


BioDetection Kits

Kit Part Nos Description
3833; 3834; 3832; 3828; 3841; 3887; 3830; 3882; 3831; 3881; 3829; 3827; 3825; 3826; 3839; 3840; ASAY-ASY-0101; ASAY-ASY-0102; ASAY-ASY-0103;  ASAY-ASY-0104;  ASAY-ASY-0105;  ASAY-ASY-0106;  ASAY-ASY-0107;  ASAY-ASY-0108;  ASAY-ASY-0109;  ASAY-ASY-0113; ASAY-ASY-0114; ASAY-ASY-0115; ASAY-ASY-0121; ASAY-ASY-0122; ASAY-ASY-0123; ASAY-ASY-0116; ASAY-ASY-0126; ASAY-ASY-0117; ASAY-ASY-0127; ASAY-ASY-0118; ASAY-ASY-0128; ASAY-ASY-0130   Freeze-Dried Reagents SDS
JRPD-ASY-0008; JRPD-ASY-0100; JRPD-ASY-0101; JRPD-ASY-0102; JRPD-ASY-0103; JRPD-ASY-0104; JRPD-ASY-0105; JRPD-ASY-0106; JRPD-ASY-0108; JRPD-ASY-0109; JRPD-ASY-0110; JRPD-ASY-0111; JRPD-ASY-0112; JRPD-ASY-0113; JRPD-ASY-0114; JRPD-ASY-0115; JRPD-ASY-0116; JRPD-ASY-0122; JRPD-ASY-0123; JRPD-ASY-0124; JRPD-ASY-0126; JRPD-ASY-0127; JRPD-ASY-0128; JRPD-ASY-0129; JRPD-ASY-0130; JRPD-ASY-0136; JRPD-ASY-0016; JRPD-ASY-0137; JRPD-ASY-0138; JRPD-ASY-0140; JRPD-ASY-0141; JRPD-ASY-0142  JBAIDS Freeze-Dried SDS
PATH-ASY-0074; PATH-ASY-0075; PATH-ASY-0076; PATH-ASY-0077; PATH-ASY-0078; PATH-ASY-0079; PATH-ASY-0080; PATH-ASY-0081; PATH-ASY-0082; PATH-ASY-0083; PATH-ASY-0084; PATH-ASY-0085; PATH-ASY-0087; PATH-ASY-0089; PATH-ASY-0091; PATH-ASY-0094; PATH-ASY-0095; PATH-ASY-1050; PATH-ASY-1051; PATH-ASY-0005; PATH-ASY-0050; PATH-ASY-0051; PATH-ASY-0052; PATH-ASY-0053; PATH-ASY-0054; PATH-ASY-0055; PATH-ASY-0056; PATH-ASY-0058; PATH-ASY-0060; PATH-ASY-0061; PATH-ASY-0062; PATH-ASY-0063; PATH-ASY-0064; PATH-ASY-0065; PATH-ASY-0066; PATH-ASY-0067; PATH-ASY-0068; PATH-ASY-0071; PATH-ASY-0073; RAZR-ASY-0003  RAZOR Reagent SDS


FilmArray Panels

Kit Part Nos Description
RFIT-SUB-0317; RFIT-SUB-0318; RFIT-SUB-0389 Proteinase K, Protease (Single Vial), Protease (30 Pack), Protease (6 Pack) SDS
FAIV-GEN-0003 FilmArray Sample Buffer SDS


Other Kits

Kit Part No Description
HRLS-ASY-0002; HRLS-ASY-0003 LightScanner® Master Mix SDS
BCHM-ASY-0005 LCGreen® Plus Kits SDS
CHEM-SUB-0111 Aluminum Potassium Sulfate Dodecahydrate SDS

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