LCGreen dye is specifically designed for Hi-Res Melting curve analysis to detect DNA sequence variants. The addition of LCGreen dye increase the melting temperature of DNA by 1-3 °C and may require adjustment of cycling parameters.

This dye is manufactured exclusively by BioFire Defense and its chemical structures are unique among the scientific and patent literature. LCGreen dye is tailored specifically for Hi-Res Melting and has the unique ability to detect heteroduplexes during melting analysis after PCR. Just add the dye to your sample before PCR. LCGreen dye is extremely stable, does not inhibit PCR, and is a “saturation” dye which makes it possible to detect multiple PCR products in a mixture during melting analysis.

LCGreen Plus TubesLCGreen Plus+

LCGreen Plus+ is tailored for use in melting instruments with 96- or 384-well microtiter plates. It has superb fluorescence intensity and can be used with most fluorescence based PCR detection systems such as the Roche LightCycler® instrument. For optimal performance, the use of a Hi-Res melting instrument is suggested.

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LCGreen Plus+
Number of Reactions 10X Solution
1000 Reactions 1 mL
10,000 Reactions 10 x 1 mL


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