The FilmArray EUA BioThreat-E Kit is sent to Africa for Ebola testing.
Timeline-LineTimeline-Line BioFire Defense is awarded the NGDS (Next Generation Diagnostics System) Contract by the US DoD.

The FilmArray Gastrointestinal Panel (GI) Receives FDA Clearance and is made available to all U.S. markets.

BioFire is acquired by bioMérieux. BioFire Defense is created from the acquisition.

The FilmArray Blood Culture Identification Panel (BCID) receives FDA Clearance and made available to all U.S. markets.

Idaho Technology changes its name to BioFire Diagnostics, Inc.
FilmArray System and Respiratory Panel (RP) receives FDA Clearance and made available to all U.S. markets.
Idaho Technology celebrates 20 years of innovation.
LightScanner® 32 enters the life science market. It combines the fastest real-time PCR instrument with the most accurate Hi-Res Melting system.
The Ten® Target Pouch provides reagents for the ten most prevalent biothreat pathogens in a user-friendly, field-deployable reagent pouch.
RAZOR upgrades to RAZOR® EX with a color screen and other features that make it even easier to use.
R.A.P.I.D.® LT Food Security System launches, bringing high-speed pathogen detection to the food industry.
JBAIDS and the Anthrax Detection Kit receive FDA clearance.


The LightScanner® launches as the world’s first high-throughput instrument to perform Hi-Res Melting on 96 or 384-well plates.

The RAZOR® is the world’s first rugged portable, real-time PCR device. It was co-developed with the DOD, enabling first responders to identify pathogens closer to the point of crisis.
HR-1™ is introduced as a companion to the LightCycler to provide Hi-Res Melting, allowing for better DNA sequence detection with less effort.
Idaho technology secures the JBAIDS (Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System) contract, becoming a provider of instruments, test kits and support for the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.
The LightTyper® is a low-cost instrument for high throughput single nucleotide polymorphism analysis and genotyping. Licensed to Roche
The first online order is submitted for IT BioChem. Customers are now able to purchase custom made probes and primers securely online.
The Indy®, a personal air thermalcycler, receives rave reviews and is licensed to Roche Applied Science.
The R.A.P.I.D.® System completes development with the U.S. Air Force. It’s the world’s first Ruggedized Advanced Pathogen Identification Device.
The LightCycler® is born. It’s an innovative instrument that held 24 capillary tubes capable of real-time fluorescence monitoring.
The RapidCycler® provides improved temperature and noise controls and stores 99 cycle programs.
The Air Thermocycler is the first machine of its kind, holding 48 sample tubes and 4 cycle programs. It was able to complete 30 cycles in less than 20 minutes.