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Our success is based upon your success. Therefore we have provided many online resources to help you learn more about our products and technology. Use the links below to find references, technical notes, manuals, software updates and more on our products and technology.

If you do not see a specific area for your need or would like additional assistance with your product please contact us. To contact us by phone, and you reside in the U.S. or Canada, call our toll-free number (800) 735-6544 and press 5 to reach product support. If you are outside the US or Canada, call +1 (801) 736-6354. You may also email us at:

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BioFire Learning Center
Conference Posters
Conference Posters
Our latest research is often presented during research conferences. Click here to search the latest research on our products.
BTN-RAZOREX-TrainingMulti-Media Learning
Access video's, tutorials and web based presentations on our products and technology. Click here to learn more.
Multi-Media Learning
A comprehensive list containing information on a wide variety of published applications using our products and technology. Click here to learn more.
Product Support Documents
Extended Warranty Document* Limited Warranty Document* Terms and Conditions Document*

Return Forms, Decontamination Procedures and Service Pricing
Return Forms and Decontamination ProceduresClick here if you would like to
return an instrument, product part or accessory
to BioFire Diagnostics.Please review our Instrument Service Pricing before returning an instrument.
Umelt and Probe Melting Software
uMelt DNA Melting SoftwareuMelt is a web-based application created to predict fluorescent high-resolution DNA melting curves of PCR products. It is a work in progress focused on better matching predicted and experimental curves provided by The Wittwer Lab for DNA Analysis.Click
here to Run uMelt
Hybridization Probe Melting Temperature Software v1.5When designing experiments where a melting curve is generated, it is useful to have an idea of the approximate Tm of your desired *PCR product. This time saving software generates the approximate Tm of your reaction.Click
here to Download

*Document requires Adobe Reader (click here to download)