Mutations in PCR products are detected by the presence of heteroduplexes optimally detected by our LCGreen® Plus dye. Variations are identified by changes in the shape of the melting profile compared to a reference sample. Hi-Res Melting® (HRM) on the LightScanner® is also being used for mutation discovery in tumor samples, yielding information on mutations present in low allele fractions (as low as 5%) and allelic imbalances between tumor and matched normal samples.

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LightScanner Instrument

LightScanner® System

  • Hi-Res Melting Instrument
  • 96- or 384-well plate system
  • Results in less than 5 minutes
  • Software automatically analyzes each sample and defines the standards and variants


LightScanner Master Mix

  • A pre-optimized solution specifically designed to deliver superior PCR performance for Hi-Res Melting applications on the LightScanner Instrument.

LCGreen + Melting Dye

LCGreen® Plus Melting Dye

  • LCGreen dye is specifically designed for Hi-Res Melting curve analysis to detect DNA sequence variants (mutations, polymorphisms, etc).